Mini vMac


Hello, remember me? I decided to compile more builds of Mini vMac again.

As I assume the 68kMLA still disapproves of ROMs being posted, those have been omitted from this disk image. They shouldn't be very hard to find, however. All of them are widespread across the Internet by now.

These builds have been tested on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. They may or may not work on older versions. They are also Intel-only, because I'm too lazy to make them all Universal binaries.

Windows builds will be coming soon as well.

Download (Mac OS X / Intel)

Builds included in this disk image:

  • Macintosh 128K
  • Macintosh 512K
  • Macintosh Plus
  • Macintosh 128Ke*
  • Macintosh 512Ke
  • Macintosh Plus 1M
  • Macintosh Plus 2M
  • Macintosh Plus 4M
Macintosh II
  • Macintosh II 8MB 512x384x1
  • Macintosh II 8MB 512x384x2
  • Macintosh II 8MB 512x384x4
  • Macintosh II 8MB 512x384x8
  • Macintosh II 8MB 512x384x16
  • Macintosh II 8MB 640x480x1
  • Macintosh II 8MB 640x480x2
  • Macintosh II 8MB 640x480x4
  • Macintosh II 8MB 640x480x8
  • Macintosh II 8MB 640x480x16
  • Macintosh II 8MB 640x480x24
  • Macintosh II 8MB 800x600x1
  • Macintosh II 8MB 800x600x2
  • Macintosh II 8MB 800x600x4
  • Macintosh II 8MB 800x600x8
  • Macintosh II 8MB 800x600x16
  • Macintosh II 8MB 800x600x24
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 512x384x1
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 512x384x2
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 512x384x4
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 512x384x8
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 512x384x16
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 640x480x1
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 640x480x2
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 640x480x4
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 640x480x8
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 640x480x16
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 640x480x24
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 800x600x1
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 800x600x2
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 800x600x4
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 800x600x8
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 800x600x16
  • Macintosh IIx 8MB 800x600x24
Macintosh SE
  • Macintosh SE 1M
  • Macintosh SE 2M
  • Macintosh SE 4M
  • Macintosh SE FDHD 1M
  • Macintosh SE FDHD 2M
  • Macintosh SE FDHD 4M
Macintosh Classic
  • Macintosh Classic 1M
  • Macintosh Classic 2M
  • Macintosh Classic 4M
Macintosh PowerBook
  • PowerBook 100

-- ReimuHakurei (aka macgeek417)